Jumat, 16 Maret 2018

Peran Taman Cerdas Jebres Terhadap Pendidikan Anak Marginal Di Surakarta (Studi Kasus Taman Cerdas Di Jebres)

Taman Cerdas” as an arena plan on learning methods ‘play while learning’ with a relaxed atmosphere and very varied in accordance with the interest of each child. The concept developed is able to shape the character of a child to love and love to learn so that the learning process is not perceived as a burden but quite pleasant. The garden as part of stress management with basic PH such as belief, affective, social, cognition, physical. The presence of “Taman Cerdas” as a form government programs in order to make the city of Surakarta as the “Kota Layak Anak” (KLA).

The purpose of the research is to find out how “Taman Cerdas” contribution in educate the kids especially the marginal in Jebres village Surakarta. Data collecting techniques are done through observation, interview, and documentation. Data analysis technique is done through interpretative analysis.

The result shows that “Taman Cerdas” contributes to the education of children, princesses, marginally in Jebres village with a variety of activities that are carried out not only that the public is also given the opportunity to channel their good talent in the art of music as well as dance. The presence of children as intelligent agent of change. In short, this study provides a positive contribution to education of the child especially for the marginally.

Karya: Anastasia Agnez Zogara, M.Si

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